The South of England, in the UK (hello foreigners), is experiencing its second “dry winter”, which isn’t good for water levels in reservoirs and, ultimately, people. The Government is mulling the idea of hosepipe bans and reinstating the Bathe With a Friend Act of 1975, but these actions aren’t tackling the underlying problem.

Graeme, my very tall, very handy, infinitely clever, very single (hello Ladies), resourceful, Land Rover-loving chum has done what our elected Overlords are incapable of doing, he has seen a problem and looked for its root cause. Not just painting over symptoms in the hope that they will go away.

Take a look at his ideas, ranging from the downright insane (nuclear powered desalination) to the downright simples (squawk!) at his Land Rover themed website:


P.S. That photo on the front page with the Public Byway signs in it? That’s mine that is. I’ll have to contact himĀ about my royalties…