State of the AI Nation 3: Finally, the Microsoft Office We All Deserve, multi-modal, and CEO swaps at OpenAI

It was a struggle to find any content for State of the AI Nation 3. Nothing has really happened in the space over the last few months….. Pahaha! Microsoft Let’s start with Microsoft. I’ve been unashamedly critical of Microsoft over the past few years, and frankly they’ve earned every scathing Continue Reading

Why I’m Leaving Orange

I’ve been with them since my very first phone in 1998, a Bosch 509e. Yep, Bosch used to make phones! In 2005 I spent three months working for them at their North Tyneside call centre while I was in between jobs. But now, after a spate of serious customer service failures, here’s Continue Reading

Firefox OS

As many expected, the Mozilla “Boot to Gecko” project has become “Firefox OS”. Gecko is the software behind the scenes of the Firefox web browser that reads the HTML, style sheets, etc. code and converts it into a webpage. Boot-to-Gecko is Mozilla’s plan to make a mobile phone platform based entirely Continue Reading