Microsoft have clearly unleashed a 1st year GCSE Graphic Design student on their Windows logo and she has crapped out this supposedly minimalist (read: lazy) monstrosity:


Windows 8 Logo
Farewell energetic flag logo, hello monotonous trapezoids.


This has raised my ire so I sparked a conversation with a couple of people at work I could trust to be honest and offer intelligent discussion about the change. Let’s call them John and Mike, for argument’s sake.

I stated that it was a backwards step from the energy and pizzazz of the flag windows logo, and that Microsoft’s flagship productg should have more effort put into its logo. John said he liked it, and then rebuked with “was it backwards when Apple took the rainbow away?”.

Damn. Of course, Apple is known for its minimalism and class. It’s not just a white empty apple though is it?? A quick look online revealed Apple’s logo is anything but a blank fruity shape. In fact, it looks rather exquisitely crafted:


Apple Logo
Classy glassy fruity wooty

See, this is what I mean. It’s pretty simple, but it is a billion times better than the angular, single-colour Window (TM). It’s stylish, it has weight, not just perspective. Instantly recognisable as Apple, whereas I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the new Windows logo on several independent glaziers vans for years now…

John continued, pointing out that the new Windows logo has four trapezoids, making it at least 1/3rd better than the Adidas logo.

I countered again by saying the new Adidas logo is rubbish compared to the old one:



New Adidas Logo
New Adidas Logo (Rubbish)


Old Adidas Logo
Old Adidas Logo (Brilliance)


See my point?

Finally, an email from Mike arrives, no doubt containing something brilliantly clever and in complete agreement with me. Oh…


“You are both girls.

One is picture of an apple and the other is a picture of a window.

The rest is just hairdressing. Move on.”


John corrected him:


“Window dressing.”


John wins.