It’s a big week for tech companies going public! Tomorrow (Thursday 16th December 2011), Zynga, the company behind such social gaming classics as Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars and Words with Friends, will begin trading on NASDAQ, just three days after social-networks-for-enterprises company, Jive, did the very same.

Jive set an expected stock price of “$8-$10”, and Zynga has set the same. This values the company at around $10bn and should raise around $900 million.


Jive Stocks

After the setting the $8-$10 price on Jive’s shares, early trading saw the price jump to $12 and finished at $15 after the first day (Tuesday). Here’s a live look at Jive’s performance today, courtesy of Google Finance charts, (so blame them if it’s broken :)):



Salesforce “Do”

Speaking of Jive, today saw the launch of a very credible competitor. Salesforce has unleashed its new social-mobile network platform, “Do“. It’s easier to show you what it is rather than try to describe it:


Do – the app to get work done with anyone. from Amit Kulkarni on Vimeo.


If I was Jive, I’d be a little bit worried, Salesforce are the leaders of social business. However, as I type this, Jive is trading up 1% since this morning, so investors don’t seem rattled.