Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a phenomenal commercial success. It has broken all the sales records that were so confidently smashed by its predecessor, Black Ops. An important part of the game is “perks”. Perks improve your performance by making your less susceptible to attack or improving your ability to attack others.

This week I got an email from somebody calling themselves: z. Which was a little weird.

Attached was a run-down of each perk and information about how to upgrade between the normal perks and the “Pro” version of the perks.

Tier 1

Recon (Rank 4)

1_1_reconStandard: Shows enemy on map that has been injured by explosives (inc Flash & concussion)

Pro: Bullet damage paints target on map

To Pro: Paint 120 enemies while using this perk. (TIP:Flash and Concussion Grenades are best)


Sleight of Hand (Rank 4)

1_2_sleightofhandStandard: Faster reload

Pro: Swap weapons faster

To Pro: Kill 120 enemies while using this perk


Blind Eye (Rank 11)

1_3_blindeyeStandard: Undetectable by Air Support and Sentries.

Pro: Launchers lock on quicker. Bullet Damage to Air Support and Sentries is also increased.

To Pro: Destroy 40 enemy Killstreaks. (TIP:Use EMP & Stinger)


Extreme Conditioning (Rank 22)

1_4_extremeconditioningStandard: Sprint longer

Pro: Climb faster

To Pro: Sprint for 20 miles total while using this perk.


Scavenger (Rank 39)

1_5_scavengerStandard: Resupply from dead bodies

Pro: Extra ammunition from start of your life.

To Pro: Resupply 100 times


Tier 2

Quickdraw (Rank 4)

2_1_quickdrawStandard: Faster aiming

Pro: Recover from equipment and grenade usage faster

To Pro: 80 kills within a few seconds of aiming down your sights.


Blast Shield (Rank 4)

2_2_blastshieldStandard: Increased explosive resistance

Pro: Resistance to flash/stun grenades

To Pro: Survive 20 explosions.


Hardline (Rank 15)

2_3_hardlineStandard: Killstreak 1 less kill

Pro: 2 assists count as 1 kill towards streak and deathstreak 1 less

To Pro: Earn 80 Poinstreaks


Assassin (Rank 27)

2_4_assassinStandard: Undetectable by UAV, Portable Radar, Thermal and HB Sensor

Pro: Immune to CUAV and EMP, no crosshair/name when targeted

To Pro: 20 kills when enemy has a UAV up.


Overkill (Rank 47)

2_5_overkillStandard: Carry two primary weapons instead of one primary and one secondary weapon

Pro: Place an attachment on your second primary weapon.

To Pro: Kill 120 enemies with your second primary weapon


Tier 3

Marksman (Rank 4)

3_1_marksmanStandard: Identify enemy targets at longer range

Pro: Hold breath longer

To Pro: Kill 50 enemies while holding your breath


Stalker (Rank 4)

3_2_stalkerStandard: Move faster while aiming

Pro: Delay enemy Claymores

To Pro: Kill 120 enemies while aiming down the your weapon sights


Sitrep (Rank 19)

3_3_sitrepStandard: Detect enemy explosives

Pro: Louder enemy footsteps

To Pro: Destroy 50 enemy devices


Steady Aim (Rank 30)

3_4_steadyaimStandard: Increased hip-fire accuracy

Pro: Weapon ready faster after sprinting

To Pro: Kill 120 enemies while firing from the hip


Dead Silence (Rank 55)

3_5_deadsilenceStandard: Make less sound when you move

Pro: No falling damage

To Pro: Kill 50 enemies at close range