Common JavaScript Gotchas – Part 1

Pop quiz, hotshot, the image shows a common JavaScript ‘gotcha’ – or inadvertent mistake through incomplete knowledge of something. What exactly is happening here? You create a simple function called “getPerson”, and it returns you a JSON object with a single property on it, “name”. However! When you come to Continue Reading


The Zombiepocalypse happened on a Tuesday. Everybody assumed it would be a Monday. Even you. Didn’t you?! My alarm clock beeps, as it usually does, at 6:15am. One press of the Snooze button and (9 minutes later) I am vaguely awake. I shower, shave and everything else the modern man Continue Reading

Ghosts of York – Rob Kirkup

Ghosts of York, a brand new book by ghost-hunter extraordinaire, Rob Kirkup, ¬†chronicles the travels of 5 friends as they visit 10 of York’s most haunted locations. Disclosure: Yes, I was one of the 5. And yes, I wrote the foreword. But despite these two facts, I can unbiasedly confirm Continue Reading