Twitter Borked

I’ve spent the last half hour clicking a “Download” link in Hotmail trying to get something to… ahem… download, but it just sits there doing nothing. Absolutely sod all. Naturally, I switch to Twitter, fully intending to spout some completely disproportionate rant involving lava and fire and incurable, groin-rotting STDs Continue Reading

Microsoft PixelSense

Last week I berated the company for lacking marketing flair, but this week I’ve been justifyably drooling over Microsoft PixelSense. Things change so quickly in tech. That’s why I love it so…     $8,000 is a lot for a glass coffee table with a plasma screen under it, but Continue Reading

Twitter v2.0

There is a lot of talk around at the moment about Twitter’s new stance on 3rd party applications integrating with the service. Twitter has pretty much banned clone applications like Tweetbot, and went as far as buying Tweetdeck for $40 million. Twitter says it doesn’t want third party developers to “build Continue Reading