State of the AI Nation 3: Finally, the Microsoft Office We All Deserve, multi-modal, and CEO swaps at OpenAI

It was a struggle to find any content for State of the AI Nation 3. Nothing has really happened in the space over the last few months….. Pahaha! Microsoft Let’s start with Microsoft. I’ve been unashamedly critical of Microsoft over the past few years, and frankly they’ve earned every scathing Continue Reading

Deconstructing the New Inner Loop for Single Page Applications (SPAs) in .NET 6

Microsoft’s two major development platforms, .NET Framework and .NET Core, have converged in .NET 6, with major changes to .NET SPA web application development. You can hit F5 and be confident that everything just works, however, I couldn’t help spending some time digging into what’s going on under the hood… Continue Reading

Windows Blue

There has been much press this week about Microsoft’s new annual-update programme for its Windows operating system, purported to be called “Windows Blue”. This has been mostly driven by the leak of an early copy of Blue onto file sharing websites. WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrott gives the best overview. As well Continue Reading