Google Maps Cube

Fantastic! Finally Google shows off some of its creativity and innovation!! You know my feelings about Google, but this has gone some way to reaffirming my faith in the big primary-coloured search-and-ads behemoth. You should also know my feelings about WebGL being the future of the web (and everything). So, before you Continue Reading

A Vision of Future Tech

Nobody really knows what the world of future technology will bring. 10 years ago the word “Facebook” didn’t mean anything, Nokia was the largest mobile phone maker in the world, Apple’s very first iPod was only 6 months old, Bill Gates was still in charge of Microsoft having just settled the Continue Reading


I was all set to write an apology to tech mega-giant, Google. Even though my AdSense woes are still unanswered, there are aspects of the Google operation which really excites me. Self-driving cars is important and they’ve put nearly a billion dollars into renewable energy. In fact, they say they Continue Reading