Sony to Unveil PlayStation 4 Tonight – Next Gen Console Season Begins

Probably not the PS4. Although retro is definitely in…

Acccording to various sources, Sony are set to announce the PlayStation 4, at an event in New York City, tonight!

With many analysts saying Microsoft’s answer, the supposedly-title XBox 720, set for release in the Autumn, the buzz has begun for the next generation of gaming consoles.


PlayStation 4 vs. XBox 720 vs. Project Shield

Each company will be vying to get their systems out first, but Christmas 2013 will be the deciding period to see who gets their foot in the market most successfully. And this time round, it isn’t a simple two horse race.

Graphics chipset maker, nVidia, have announced Project Shield, a hand-held Tegra4-based Android multimedia system with tons of interesting features.



But that’s not a console! I hear you shout.

But yes it is. That’s like saying a mobile phone it’s a phone because it’s not tied to the socket in your hallway. We’re living in a mobile world now. So why aren’t handheld games machine just the next evolution of consoles?  Continue Reading “Sony to Unveil PlayStation 4 Tonight – Next Gen Console Season Begins”