For some reason or another, I am unable to turn my brain off. It always runs at 100 miles-an-hour, trying to think of new things to do or make. While 99.999% of those ideas are completely useless, there are a few that have really stuck. Like pig poo to a barn door.

The areas that interest me the most are:

  • Aviation
  • Computing
  • Social networks, media, connections and how social concepts fit into business.
  • “Thinking Deep” about problems that may crop up in years or decades to come to analyse what we can do now to mitigate problems in the future.


3D Highway – Modelling Stage

Very much linked to the PAV-E project, this is an investigation into how a three-dimensional traffic system might work. It’s fine to consider our two-dimensional system repeated multiple times in layers. But the tricky part is producing workable concepts for “ascent” and “descent” lanes between the layers which are also simple enough for people to remember while operating at high speed in high density traffic.

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Meteoric – Done

Meteoric is a jQuery plugin that lets you create n-tier web applications quickly and easily. Meteoric uses the concept of “writers” to consume arbitrary JSON objects and write appropriately to the DOM.

You can view the tutorials at

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PAV-E – Personal Aerial Vehicle (Experimental) – Research Stage

PAV-E, the “E” is essential to make it sound like pavĂ© – like the Belgian cobblestones – and not “Pav”, which is stupid, is the next genesis of human travel: personal flying vehicles. I know that sounds a lot like the Cessnas and Piper Cubs of this world, but I’m thinking a lot more practical than those (and even smaller!). We can’t all build runways in our back yards…

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Rook – In-Development

Rook is an entirely new, open-source and device-agnostic application and data ecosystem built on HTML5.

Rook provides an easy-to-learn, secure development framework for application authors. Meanwhile, users get the best of both of the open-source and proprietary worlds when choosing their applications. The RookStore lets you install vetted apps with confidence, while a very simple URL-based plugin system lets you add apps from anywhere.

Rook is expected to go into Alpha in 2012Q4, with a public Beta programme launching shortly afterwards.

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Swatch Internet Time – Done

Thinking ahead to when the Internet isn’t just the prosaic mix of text, images and FarmVille, our little blue, spherical puddle in the solar system is going to start feeling mighty small. When we’re all living in immersive social constructs online the fact that you live in California or Bahrain will be meaningless; we will be citizens of the same global village. Time is important, we are a social species (Facebook has proven that!) so we are going to need to get rid of the restrictive “time zones” system we have today in favour of a more global time standard.

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Top Gear Coolwall for Websites – In-Development

A JavaScript version of the infamous Top Gear Cool Wall. Currently in development.

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Zeitgeist – In Development

A standards-compliant platform and framework for bringing social functionality to disparate software and systems.

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