The Cloud Will Save Us All!

The Cloud (Extra-Long Cable Not Included)

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years (and who hasn’t!!) you might have missed out on a new trend of technology called “Cloud“. Until now it has been viewed cautiously and sometimes skeptically as a bandwagon that will fade into the sunset pretty soon, however, the reason Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and all the other big names in tech are investing in it so heavily is because it will end the credit crisis, save the planet and make is us all a lot happier in the process.


The Cost of Living

According to, the average salary for a man in the UK is £30,800. To get to work and back each day, Mr Average probably spends around £150/month (that’s based on my own, personal 12 mile commute and a 2-litre diesel car, driven sensibly, achieving between 40-50mpg).

That extrapolates out to mean an annual fuel bill of £1,800 (£150 x 12). It adds up doesn’t it!!

If he could work from home he would save about 80% of that fuel bill – if like me, he doesn’t do much driving around at the weekend – or a total saving of £1,440. If his employer allowed him to work from home, they could actually give him a £1,440 pay cut and (this is the important point I’m trying to make here) he wouldn’t notice ANY difference in the money in his pocket! The employer would save Employer National Insurance contributions too. However, if they chose to keep Mr Average’s salary, he’d be sitting on the pleasant end of an effective 5% pay rise. Continue Reading “The Cloud Will Save Us All!”

Jive Goes Public!

Social Networks-for-Enterprise specialist, Jive Software is to go public this morning (Tuesday 13th December, 2011) with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that could value the company in excess of half a billion dollars. The company will trade on the NASDAQ as “JIVE”.

I love Jive, as I said in my blog last month, it embodies everything the Internet should be. Jive brings together social concepts and drives them deep into business processes. It levels the playing field so that CEOs and front-line workers can collaborate in a seamless, transparent and traceable way.

The scenarios I usually give to push home the serious benefits of bringing social into Enterprise are:

The Sales Tag-Team
Imagine an Outbound Sales Clerk is about to call a current, but latent, customer to discuss an upgrade or a new product. They open the customer account to retrieve the customer’s contact information. Meanwhile, another Sales Clerk, who is “watching” the customer’s account (because they have previously sold to the customer) is alerted that the account has been opened by the first clerk.

The second clerk contacts the first via instant messaging and, after establishing that they are about to contact them to try and sell something, recommends that they talk about dogs because the purchaser at the customer’s business is a serious dog lover, and once that rapport is built up they’ll buy anything!

The second clerk then gets notified half an hour later confirming a new Sales Order has been added to the account, and an instant message from the first clerk to thank them for their advice.

A second scenario:

The Collaborative Stock Pick
A warehouse worker is running through a picking list trying to fulfil an order. He manages to find 9 of the 10 “Widget X2000” items on the list but there aren’t any more in stock. He adds a note to the picking list on the computer saying they are out of the items. Immediately, the original Sales Clerk is notified of the shortfall, and contacts the customer. Using the live stock list, they settle for a “Widget X2500” and a bit of discount. Within 5 minutes of the warehouse worker adding the note, he is notified that an X2500 model will be fine to complete the order and the order is despatched.

Both of these stories are possible with Jive’s social networking software. And much, much more.

In last night’s early trading, the IPO price estimate of “$8-$10” was exceeded and the company sold 13.4 million shares at $12, instead of the 11.7 million shares they had expected to sell at $8-$10. That $12 price values the company in excess of $600m.


This morning, Jive CEO, Tony Zingale, will ring the NASDAQ opening bell to celebrate the IPO.


Keep track of Jive’s first day of trading here, or by putting “JIVE” into the widget below: