How Reliance Jio Disrupted Digital India

On a recent business trip to New Delhi, I was out for lunch with colleagues when conversation turned to the price of mobile data. Us foreigners at the table bemoaned the price-per-Gb in our home countries, meanwhile, the locals could barely contain their laughter…

Overnight Success

An overnight success in the world’s 2nd most-populated country is nothing short of breathtaking.

In June 2015, IDC estimated there were 5.8 million 4G LTE subscribers in India. In a country with a population of 1.3 billion that’s a rounding error.

Yet, as I type this now in October 2017 India has 81.56% 4G LTE coverage, better than most countries in Europe and snapping at the heels of city-nation, Singapore.

Isn’t that a huge waste of bandwidth?

Well no… Just months after the IDC estimate was published a new service, Reliance Jio, was launched, and everything changed.

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio launched commercially on 5th September 2016 and… *deep breath*… acquired 50 million subscribers in 83 days.

That’s 400 new subscribers every minute.

That’s a faster user acquisition rate than any consumer company in history, including Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype.

They hit 100 million subscribers within 6 months.

How did they achieve this?  Continue Reading “How Reliance Jio Disrupted Digital India”

Swatch Internet Time on Your Desktop

Geekery and Santaness. You're welcome.
Geekery and Santaness. You’re welcome.

I’ve spoken before about Swatch Internet Time as an option for solving the horrible problems of cross-timezone collaboration. But nobody is adopting it.

There are good reasons for this: it’s not overly difficult to work out timezone differences, there are more intuitive alternatives such as using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and ultimately nobody is betting the farm on an esoteric way of telling the time.

Until now.


God loves a trier

As the first in a series of utilities to incorporate Swatch Internet Time as a first-class timing component, my gift to you at this celebratory time of year, dear reader, is a Swatch Internet Time clock for your desktop.

You can download it by clicking here.

As an additional gift, I will be releasing the source code onto Github this week.

Happy holidays!


Update 1

Added drag and drop. Saves window position on drop.


Update 2

The gifts keep on coming. The source code is now available at


A Quick Rant about Capri Sun

I have it on good authority that one KGB interrogation technique is to ask people to open one of these shiny packets of interminable frustration.

I couldn’t help noticing how close Capri Sun is to trending on Twitter and I had to say something: Capri Suns are a sadistic experiment to see how much shit consumers will put up with. Fact.



Things that are wrong with Capri Sun:

  • It’s a non-rigid liquid container. Doesn’t that strike you as stupid? I can’t even put the thing down, I have to hold it all the time because it keeps falling over and that problem only gets worse the more I drink because it loses its vaguely flat base and the weight to hold it down. And don’t even think about trying to drink one on a windy day!
  • World’s thinnest, easily-inhalable straws that don’t even have a bend in them to make them less inhalable!
  • A hole in the side which isn’t even above the level of the liquid inside so you inevitably get a dribble on your hands when you “pierce foil with straw”?
  • Really – pierce foil with straw? You haven’t heard of sports caps? Come on guys.
  • World’s thinnest straw that doesn’t even go all the way to the bottom of the stupid, unstable, non-rigid liquid container so you inevitably have to scrunch the thing up to get the last few dregs out
  • 40p a carton, are you insane?


How do you solve a problem like Capri Sun?

Oh. It looks like, somewhere, they already have.  Continue Reading “A Quick Rant about Capri Sun”