Look Into My Eyes... (and give me your cash)

Facebook's Top Secret Grand Plan   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 2nd February 2012

Various sites (CNet, TechRepublic) are saying that the Facebook IPO isn't for mere mortals like you and I and not to even consider buying stock. When we finally get our chance, the venture capitalists, early investors and company employees will already have had their wallets vacuumed clean and the price will be horribly inflated. But what if Facebook was about to change up a gear and bring its Armada of engineers to face the company that has already fired the first shot across their bows?

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Google (Customer Services) Is Evil   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Friday 13th January 2012

Back in July I signed up for Google AdSense so I could earn a little cash to go towards hosting my little corner of the Interwebz. After a week or so of looking at a "your account is under review" page, I suddenly got an error saying I had been disapproved. Then I joined countless others in Google customer services HELL.

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Don't Fear, Past-Dweller. There Is No Cloud.   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 15th December 2011

If buzzwords were currency, the one worth the most at the moment is undoubtably "Cloud". The problem with buzzwords is that nobody puts any faith in them, they're bandwagons and may be gone tomorrow. Who wants to invest in something that is vague enough to mean pretty much anything? (There's a "fuzzy" joke in there somewhere).

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Microsoft SOCLBingSearchBookFace

Just What is SOCL?   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Information is leaking out about a new social network called "SOCL". What makes it different from the other bazillion social networks that are starting up, perhaps trying to cut into Facebook's commercial success, is that is appears to be Microsoft's own internal, corporate, social network. And it may be soon unleashed on the general public.

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Adobe Edge: Every web designer in the world just got a boner

Adobe Edge   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 4th August 2011

I've said for a while that the first company to make a decent HTML5 Rich Media editor is going to make an absolute mint. Well, yesterday Adobe launched "Edge"... a decent HTML Rich Media editor...

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg: A little bit of poo just came out


Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Saturday 16th July 2011

Google+, Googleplus, whatever you want to call it, is a phenomenon. No other Google app has reached 10 million users two weeks.

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The Google Guys prepare to be probed.

Google Braces for Antitrust Investigation   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 29th June 2011

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have launched an antitrust probe into some of the inner workings of Google's search and advertising systems similar to the antitrust case that nearly killed Microsoft and trod hard on the dreams of one Mr William Gates III, driving him out of his own company with a defeated look on his face.

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