A watch AND a space death ray scope!

It is Time...   

Added to Code by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 21st September 2011

The way time works is completely broken. Timezones are dictated by politics and not geography, and even then they don't work because we're now a Global Village connected by the Internet. Swatch solved these problems years ago, but nobody listened.

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The craggy chart of truthfulness ...ish


Added to Code by Richard.stokoe on Monday 25th July 2011

"SCRUM" is a methodology of managing projects in such a way that managers know exactly when, and how hard, to breathe down the necks of their underlings.

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Facebook Comments: Making it easier for idiots to whinge about your website!

Adding Facebook Comments to your Site   

Added to Code by Richard.stokoe on Monday 18th July 2011

Following on from the last blog where I showed you how you can easily add Google's new "+1" button widget thingy to your site, I will now show you how easy it is to open up pages on your site to the public for comment using Facebook's "Comments" social widget.

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It's like the Facebook Like Button but +1 better!

Add the Google +1 Button to your Site   

Added to Code by Richard.stokoe on Monday 18th July 2011

This weekend I have spent some time getting Facebook Comments and the Google '+1' button integrated into this site. I had some awful problems on the way and hopefully this blog will distill some of the horrors I've experienced so that you can virtually copy and paste your way to adding 'Social' to your website.

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jqGrid - power to the people! (well, the nerds, anyway)

Filtering the jqGrid Programatically   

Added to Code by Richard.stokoe on Tuesday 5th July 2011

Today, I spent a stupid amount of time looking for the solution to a jqGrid problem. And I want to write the answer that worked here, on my interwebs, for posterity. Or until the bandwidth bill comes and I can't afford to renew.

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