Elves Decorate Air Baltic 737   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 22nd December 2011

Elves have been spotted tampering with one of Air Baltic's Boeing 737 aircraft.

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Bob forgets to plug in the landing gear. D'oh!!

LOT 767 Belly Landing - Initial Report   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 1st December 2011

Remember back in October when one of Polish airline LOT's Boeing 767-300ERs skidded to a graceful landing without landing-gear at Warsaw's Frederick Chopin's airport? Well, the first report of what happened is out. It's embarassingly anticlimactic.

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Looking good for 40! Powering a meat-mover near you!

Happy 40th Birthday CF-6!   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Friday 25th November 2011

You may not know it, but if you've traveled on an aircraft there's a good chance that you were propelled, safely and competently, by a General Electric CF-6 turbofan engine. It first flew in 1970 and is still going strong today.

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Astraeus 757-200 G-OJIB, ex-Ed Force One

Astraeus Goes Into Administration   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Monday 21st November 2011

At noon today, Monday 21st November, 2011, British charter airline, Astraeus, famous for having ex-Iron Maiden front-man, Bruce Dickinson, as Marketing Director and a Captain on their 757 fleet, grounded their fleet and called in the receivers.

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Nice aircraft!.... I'll take 50.

Emirates Orders 50 Boeing 777-300ERs + 20 Options   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 16th November 2011

Dubai-based airline, Emirates, have placed an order for 50 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft at the Dubai Airshow (#DXB11). It is Boeing's largest single order to date with a value (at list prices) of over $18 billion.

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Can you guess which vital checklist item was missed?

Boeing's Problematic Weekend   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Sunday 6th November 2011

On September 25th 2011, Boeing Commercial Airplanes delivered the first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner to All Nippon Airlines (ANA) of Japan. The 787-8 is a modern, highly technical aircraft designed to replace the 30-year-old Boeing 767. This week, both the ageing 767, and the all-new 787-8 suffered gear problems. And one landed with gear still stowed and 230 people on board.

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After a month of holding it hostage, the Europeans finally cut the ribbon.

Boeing 747-8F   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Saturday 5th November 2011

It's been a busy time for the commercial arm of aerospace manufacturer, Boeing. This month they've delivered two new aircraft. The first out the door was the 747-8F.

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Go on. Admit it. You know you want one.

It's Time to do Something about the Lack of Flying Cars   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Saturday 22nd October 2011

It's 2011 and I still don't have a flying car parked outside my house. That really bothers me.

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Nefertiti was warned about her smoking habit

2nd Boeing 777 "Damaged Beyond Repair"   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Tuesday 4th October 2011

Since June 7th 1995 there has never been a fatal crash involving the Boeing 777. It has an exemplary safety record, currently holds the longest flight of a commercial airliner (11,664 nautical miles or 21,601 km in 22hr 22min) and is the largest twin-engined jet aircraft. Despite being awesome, the second Boeing 777 has just been sent to that great big hangar in the sky.

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One delay and it will be headline hilarity

Stelios to Start easyJet Rival   

Added to Aviation by Richard.stokoe on Tuesday 27th September 2011

easyJet founder and easyGroup owner, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, is starting a new airline to rival his other one. As you do.

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