Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics   

Added to Politics by Richard.stokoe on Saturday 18th February 2012

This week the guy in charge of The Bank of England, Mervyn King, said that inflation was significantly closer to the 2% target this month, having dropped from 4.2% in December 2011 to 3.6% in January 2012. While this looks like great progress in making the economy a lot more stable, it is fraught with the usual problem with statistics: it's all about perspective, and very close to being an all-out lie.

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Look Into My Eyes... (and give me your cash)

Facebook's Top Secret Grand Plan   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 2nd February 2012

Various sites (CNet, TechRepublic) are saying that the Facebook IPO isn't for mere mortals like you and I and not to even consider buying stock. When we finally get our chance, the venture capitalists, early investors and company employees will already have had their wallets vacuumed clean and the price will be horribly inflated. But what if Facebook was about to change up a gear and bring its Armada of engineers to face the company that has already fired the first shot across their bows?

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Zuckerberg Airs His Dirty Laundry to the SEC

Facebook Files for IPO, Bitch!   

Added to Companies by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 1st February 2012

As expected, Menlo Park-based Social Network, Facebook, has filed its S-1 form ahead of an Initial Public Offering in April.

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Zuck proves he's not just a one-trick pony. He also does a mean Robot.

Facebook Filing for $100bn IPO This Week   

Added to Companies by Richard.stokoe on Sunday 29th January 2012

Various sources are reporting that Social Network supergiant, Facebook, will file for an Initial Public Offering next week.

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Shock: Apple not falling apart without Steve!

Apple Releases 2012 Q1 Results   

Added to Companies by Richard.stokoe on Tuesday 24th January 2012

Apple have just released their 2012 1st Quarter results. You might want to sit down for this...

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Cubicles of Enchantment   

Added to Places and Events by Richard.stokoe on Monday 16th January 2012

Maybe it's because my dad was a plumber before he retired, but I find public bathrooms interesting places. Not in the same way that George Michael finds them interesting you understand.

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Google (Customer Services) Is Evil   

Added to Internet by Richard.stokoe on Friday 13th January 2012

Back in July I signed up for Google AdSense so I could earn a little cash to go towards hosting my little corner of the Interwebz. After a week or so of looking at a "your account is under review" page, I suddenly got an error saying I had been disapproved. Then I joined countless others in Google customer services HELL.

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Floating mountains and flying wildebeest makes WebGL a sure-win!

Prediction: The Next Big Thing   

Added to Technology by Richard.stokoe on Thursday 5th January 2012

Due to my job as a software developer, I spend much of my day dealing with cutting edge technologies and watching the progress of the IT bandwagon as it barrels uncontrollably through every corner of our lives. From listening to music on your iDevice to Internet-connected TVs and fridges to Twitter on your car's dashboard, it's difficult to see what's just about to happen, let alone will happen a year or more away. However, if you look at some of the emerging tech, while watching what consumers are interested in, one technology seems to have the potential to be the next secret sauce of the Internet...

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eBuyer: Delivering Technology.... and Winter Safety!

A Great Customer Experience: eBuyer   

Added to Companies by Richard.stokoe on Friday 30th December 2011

I'm the first to complain when a business treats me badly. But I'm also the first to sing the praises of a company who have given me a good experience. This Christmas, online technology box-mover, eBuyer have really impressed me...

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Shock News: Being a Dick is Not Good for Business   

Added to Companies by Richard.stokoe on Wednesday 28th December 2011

When a guy (Dave) emailed Ocean Marketing for an update on his order for the "Avenger" game controller, he was met with abuse and condescention.

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